Invited speakers (more to come)

From Tuesday 13th till Friday 16th June, the IWCN 2023 will include, among others, the following invited speakers:

Ab-initio thermal transport calculations for crystals and nanostructures based on the Boltzmann transport equation

Jesus Carrete

TU Wien (Austria)

Where is technology heading? a view from the industry

Carlos H. Diaz

Senior Director in R&D (TSMC)

Phase transition, Trivial Insulators to Topological Insulators

Adalberto Fazzio

Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (Brazil)

Using Ensemble Monte Carlo Methods to Evaluate Non-Equilibrium Green's Functions

David K. Ferry

Arizona State University (USA)

Process simulation in micro- and nano-electronics

Lado Filipovic

Institute for Microelectronics (Austria)

Quantum photodetectors

Francois LĂ©onard

Sandia National Laboratories (USA)

Title TBA

Kersti Hermansson

Uppsala University (Sweden)

Impacts of band structures and scattering processes on high-field carrier transport in wide bandgap semiconductors

Nobuya Mori

Osaka University (Japan)

Beyond DFT techniques for optical and electronic properties in 2D materials

Maurizia Palummo

University of Rome Tor Vergata (Italy)

Machine Learning for materials and device simulations

Alison B. Walker

University of Bath (UK)

Diffusive and Drift Memristors for Neuromorphic Computing

J. Joshua Yang (TO BE CONFIRMED)

Future of Computing Institute

University of Southern California (USA)

More information soon...

Gala dinner invited speaker

The gala dinner will include the following invited speaker:

Artificial Intelligence at FC Barcelona

Jordi Mompart

Director of Research at FC Barcelona

Special session (more to come)

On Monday June 12th afternoon, a tutorial session on "quantum transport simulators" will take place with, among others, the following invited speakers:

LSQUANT: Linear scaling quantum transport

Jose Hugo Garcia

ICN2 (Spain)

MS-DFT: quantum transport from a multi-space excitation viewpoint

Yong-Hoon Kim

KAIST (Republic of Korea)

NEMO: 30 years of success in quantum transport

Gerhard Klimeck

Purdue University (USA)

Tkwant: a software package for time-dependent quantum transport

Thomas Kloss

Neel Institute (France)

TranSIESTA: Advanced applications in electrochemistry and spintronics

Pablo Ordejon

ICN2 (Spain)

More information soon...