The aim of the "International Workshop on Computational Nanotechnology" (IWCN) is to provide a forum for reporting new and original work on the development and application of advanced simulations of nanostructures, nanomaterials and nanodevices. See the topics of the conference.

IWCN is the premier conference to present and discuss current trends and future directions of computational nanotechnology. Emphasis is placed on the interdisciplinary aspects of computational nanotechnology, which combines a diverse range of fields, including electronics, engineering, physics, and applied mathematics, as well as chemistry and biology.

The scientific program is traditionally organized in a single-session format and consists of invited lectures, contributed talks, and poster presentations. Active participation of graduate students, including student presentations, is strongly encouraged.

The conference series was started in 1992 under the original name the "International Workshop on Computational Electronics" (IWCE). In 2016, the name was changed to the "International Workshop on Computational Nanotechnology" (IWCN). The new name, IWCN, reflects the longstanding aim of the Workshop to generate interdisciplinary research and collaboration in solid-state materials and device simulation, and the increasingly dominant presence of nanoscale structures and devices in high performance electronics and photonics.

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Satellite workshops: The International Wigner Workshop (IWW) will take place at the beginning of the conference 2023, at the same venue as the IWCN.